How Much Does Moisture Affect Plastic Products

All resins must be dried before processing to reduce their moisture content;Otherwise, during the processing process, the molecular chain of the resin will break due to the influence of moisture, and their physical properties will decline sharply.Hygroscopic materials, especially nylon, must have a certain amount of moisture before and after forming.After forming nylon product absorb moisture, the tensile property of the product will be reduced and its size will be enlarged and toughness will be increased.When the product is used in a wet environment, the design stress and performance values should be adjusted according to the actual conditions of the product, and based on experience.Molded products are stable in their working environment for a certain period of time. They can also be used in extremely wet or extremely dry conditions, but the products show different physical properties under these two conditions.
Hygroscopicity must be evaluated independently when products are washed in boiling water or when reusable drugs require frequent disinfection, as repeated sanitization may damage the surface of some plastic products.This may cause the surface of the product to become rough, silver-lined surface, powder, color will also change.A particular type of resin can meet these requirements. Resin suppliers have resin performance data, and they classify the resin over a wide range of conditions.
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