Changes In Injection Mold Design


In the design of injection mold in the past, most are based on the knowledge and experience of mold designers, the type of pouring system and the size of the structure, the reasonable design can only be based on the test results stop evaluation.It is obvious that this design method can no longer meet the requirements of short cycle time and high quality for the moulds in the rapidly changing modern product market.At present, although have the local enterprises to adopt a CAE analysis tool to stop the activities of gating system design imitation, but due to the diversity of the plastic parts structure and data and pouring system and parts of the complexity of the data matching rheological properties, to quickly find out comply with specific design plastic parts structure and data size parameters of the rheological properties of gating system, still need to do a lot of work.

The reform of injection mold conforms to the development of The Times and the demand of the market. It is believed that there will be new changes of injection mold in the new era.


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