Solve The Problem Of Concave Surface Of Two-color Mold


1. When the depression appears in the last cooling position of the thick wall product, or in a position far from the gate:

Cause analysis: Usually the typical thick wall and distant surface depression or cavity, usually due to the effective viscosity increase, pressure loss increased, resulting in insufficient cavity pressure, resulting in insufficient pressure to replenish.

Solution ideas: raise the retrenchment pressure, speed up the rate of replenishment


2. Surface depressions or cavities occur in close proximity to the gate

Cause Analysis: Depressions appear near the gate, usually due to a lack of gate freezing.

There are several reasons for affecting gate freezing: it can be caused by reduced effective viscosity, in most cases, the gate does not freeze due to increased plastic temperature, and the mold temperature is too high to affect the gate freezing.