Injection Moulds @ Focus On Design And Management


Whether in the design of injection mold or management are we very concerned about the problem, then how to design and management of injection mold?

The injection mold should have a reasonable shrinkage rate.Plastic mold processing need to pay attention to the type of mold, generally divided into pressure mold, injection mold and casting die.They are relatively molding equipment.Attention should be paid to the larger and smaller thickness of the injection mold.Because the design of injection mold cooling system directly affects the production efficiency and quality of the injection mold, the cooling effect of the cooling system determines the cooling time, and the cooling time of the injection mold accounts for about 2/3 of the entire injection cycle.A complete cooling system can significantly reduce the cooling time, thus improving the efficiency of injection mold production.Deformation and internal residual thermal stress of plastic parts are often caused by uneven cooling.By using CAE technology to analyze, the economical cooling time, reasonable injection mold cooling pipe size and layout can be obtained, so that the plastic parts can be cooled as evenly as possible.The operation process of INJECTION mold CAE is roughly divided into three parts:

Preliminary treatment:

The finite element model is established, and the runner, gate and cavity are built into a finite element mesh.

Set molding resin, injection mold materials, injection molding machine specifications and types of coolant.

Set molding conditions, including injection pressure, injection speed, cooling speed, etc.

Interim analysis:

Filling analysis, pressure holding analysis, cooling analysis, cooling deformation analysis.

Post processing:

Various analysis results, such as flow front of resin in the cavity during the filling process, resin pressure distribution, temperature distribution of injection mold, weld line position and cavitation position, can be expressed in words or figures in color, X-Y diagram.

Of course, conventional injection molding is not allowed for electronic plastic parts, but jing injection molding process and technology must be adopted.This is because the electronic plastic parts themselves require higher design accuracy, plastic electronic parts are mostly used injection molding, using special engineering injection mold processing.In order to ensure the performance, quality and reliability of jing injection mold forming and the stability of long-term use, injection molding can produce plastic products of high quality and meet the requirements of product design, it is necessary to conduct wan shan on plastic materials, injection mold equipment, injection mold design, injection process and injection site management.