Common Types Of Plastic Mold Products


As a general material, the output is large, the price is low, the performance is general, the manufacturer is many.The general plastics can be modified by adding stabilizer, glass fiber and other materials to enhance the application performance, but the performance of engineering plastics is far from good.

AS(SAN) acrylic - styrene transparent adhesive

AS is A copolymer of acrylic (A) and styrene (S), with moderate weather resistance, not affected by high humidity environment, energy resistance, general oil, detergent and mild alcohol, poor fatigue resistance, not easy to crack due to stress, material transparency is quite high, liquidity is better than ABS.

Suitable plastic products: tray, cup, tableware, toothbrush, refrigerator compartment, knob, lighting accessories, decorations, instrument mirror, packing box, stationery

Others: shrinkage rate 0.2-0.7%, appropriate wall thickness 1.5-3mm

PSGP modified polystyrene 204

Transparency up to 88-92%, refractive index 1.59-1.60, suitable for transparent products, strong dyeing, non-toxic and tasteless, without fungus growth, high impact strength, good acid and alkaline resistance, resistance to solvents, excellent electrical properties, easy to shape, moisture absorption less than 0.02% can maintain strength and size in high humidity, but great brittleness.

Suitable plastic products: decorations, lighting signs, lampshades, stationery, transparent toys, daily necessities, instrument lenses, insulation in refrigerator and refrigerator (after foaming).

Others: a thickness of 1.5-3mm suitable for shrinkage of 0.4-0.6%.

PSHI high impact polystyrene

After the composition contains rubber, the impact strength is greatly improved, the product can be designed on the buckle position and post position and post position can also be used with self-tapping screw, under 85 degrees for a long time to use, aging accelerated life is reduced.

Suitable plastic products: all kinds of home appliance shell, stationery, toys, electronic parts, electronic instrument shell, refrigerator and refrigerator inner shell, telephone.

Others: a suitable thickness of 2-3mm with a shrinkage rate of 0.4-0.7%.Boundary value of 0.03 mm

PP polypropylene hundred-fold adhesive

Similar white waxy, more transparent than polyethylene lighter, good when we do the injection flow, less than 0.02% water imbibition, chemical organic solvent, in addition to outside a lot of sulfuric acid nitric acid medium is stable, high impact strength, yield strength is higher, back and forth high frequency electric performance is not good, easy molding shrinkage ratio is big, strong resistance to temperature, low temperature brittleness, wear resistance is not high.

Suitable plastic products: general structural parts, corrosion resistant parts, electrical insulation parts when heated.All kinds of household goods, stationery, toys, chemical containers, medical supplies.

Others: Shrinkage rate 1.0-3.5% adding 30% glass fiber can be improved to about 0.7% of the appropriate thickness 1.5-2.5mm.Boundary value of 0.03 mm

PE polyethylene

One of light plastic, translucent white, crystalline material, high yield ability but not easy to recover, good dielectric performance, low water permeability, good water resistance, high chemical stability, use temperature up to 80-100 degrees friction performance and cold resistance, but not high mechanical strength, soft, forming shrinkage, surface is not easy to paste, printing.

Suitable plastic products: general cable wrapping, corrosion resistant parts, surface coating.

HDPE: Plastic bag, daily necessities bucket, electrical wiring, toys, building materials.

LDPE: Plastic bag, plastic flower, toy, high frequency wire.

Others: a suitable thickness of 1.0-2.5mm with a shrinkage of 1.5-4.0%.Boundary value of 0.02 mm