1.Product design inspection

Whatever product design made by Circle or offered by customers, we always make all round analysis and DMF report , such as Plastic Mouldsing process feasibility, Plastic Moulds structure and movement feasibility, all the related plastic components matching situation, etc. It can avoid unnecessary plastic moulds repair work which can reduce lead time and improve tooling efficiency

2.Material purchasing control

According to client quality standard ,Circle provide material test report ,heat treatment ,hardness of plastic moulds material test report etc.

3.Processing quality control

We will feedback the actual progress of the mold development process to the customer at intervals.
The key workpiece is accompanied by a three-coordinate measurement report. Mold technicians strictly follow the company and customer standards .

4. Procurement and control of mould spare parts

We purchase the spare parts strictly according to clients’ requirment . refuse to use fake product and inferior product . 

5.Quality inspection of plastic moulds installation

In order to ensure the structure consistence and spare parts standardized ,complete inspection is very necessary to find mistakes that can be corrected promptly , In addition, we will simultaneously do independent standardization test on Plastic Moulds cooling system, Plastic Moulds hydraulic oil channel system and hot runner system.

6.Plastic moulds delivery inspection

In according to order documents, customer requirement and company standard, we will make strict inspection and acceptance check for Plastic Moulds. These related documents should be recorded and documented with other inspection report before delivery, such as spare parts list ,mould test vedio ,craft document ,2D/3D drawing etc .